Riichi Online Open Team Cup

Will be held May 16, 2021

Registered players 5


Rinshan Kaihou



Tournament rules are the usual online tournaments rules (described here: https://mahjong.click/en/online/) with the following exceptions:

1. The tournament is held among teams consisting of 4 players each. Points of every member of the team are summed up to constitute total team ranking. The team that has the most total points after all the hanchans is the winner.
2. Fixed seating is used and is designed in such a way that players from the same team never play each other.
3. If only 3 out of 4 players from the team confirm their participation by the tournament start they may get a substitute player as their 4th team member. Substitute player gets -30000 points in every hanchan. If only 2 or fewer players from the team confirm their participation before the tournament start, the team is automatically disqualified.
4. There is an individual ranking as well: personal results are accounted for the online rating (https://mahjong.click/en/rating/riichi/online/).
5. Registration will be closed one day before the tournament (15 May at 07-00 UTC time).

Games start at 7:30 AM UTC (10:30 AM Moscow Time).

On the tournament date before 7:20 AM UTC all the players should join Discord channel https://discord.gg/3e2z8Z2 and confirm that they are going to participate.

The tournament consists of 7 hanchans, the team that gets the highest total score (including Uma) becomes the winner of the tournament.


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# Name City Tenhou.net nickname Dan Team
1 Polyakov Kirill Polyakov K. Polyakov Kirill Kirov Пёс002 五段 КанЕдиницСоу
2 Yudintsev Maksim Yudintsev M. Yudintsev Maksim Kirov Rodipit 3級 КанЕдиницСоу
3 Myshkin Nikita Myshkin N. Myshkin Nikita Kirov Bagatur 三段 / Expert I КанЕдиницСоу
4 Kosolapov Nikita Kosolapov N. Kosolapov Nikita Kirov Regfan 二段 КанЕдиницСоу
5 Churov Petr Churov P. Churov Petr Rostov-on-Don 孔明 四段 Четкий Байман