Rinshan Kaihou


Irkutsk, Russia

Irkutsk mahjong club "Rinshan Kaihou" (flowering 開花 on the range 嶺上).

We offer free weekly teaching sessions for everyone who wants to learn playing the game.

Our goal is to create a strong local community of mahjong players who never stop to improve their skills, really enjoy the game and each others company and take part in mahjong tournaments regulary.

We always glad to see any level players at our club meetings and events.

Latest 5 tournaments

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# Name Date City Type Players Sessions
1 Spring Tournament Irkutsk 2023 2023-05-01 Irkutsk CRR 16 3
2 Survive after yakuman 2023-01-14 Irkutsk CRR 12 4
3 Autumn Online Tournament 2022-09-11 Russia ONLINE 36 7
4 Summer tournament 2022-07-09 Irkutsk CRR 12 4
5 Summer Online Tournament 2022-06-26 Russia ONLINE 56 7

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