Riichi Online Open Team Cup 2020

Will be held Feb. 16, 2020

Registered players 53


Rinshan Kaihou



Tournament rules are the usual online tournaments rules (described here: https://mahjong.click/en/online/) with the following exceptions:

1. Tournament is held amoung teams consiting of 4 players each. Points of every member of the team are summed up to consitute total team ranking. Team that has the most total points after all the hanchans is the winner.
2. Fixed seating is used and is designed in such a way that players from the same team never play each other.
3. If only 3 out of 4 players from the team confirm their participation by the tournament start they may get a substitute player as their 4th team member. Substitute player gets -30000 points in every hanchan. If only 2 or less players from the team confirm their participation before the tournament start, the team is automatically disqualified.
4. There in an individual ranking as well: personal results are accounted in online rating (https://mahjong.click/en/rating/riichi/online/).
5. Registration will be closed one day before tournament (15 February at 07-00 UTC time).

Games start at 7:30 AM UTC (10:30 AM Moscow Time).

On the tournament date before 7:20 AM UTC all the players should join Discord channel https://discord.gg/3e2z8Z2 and confirm that they are going to participate (just send to the chat your name and tenhou nickname).

The tournament consists of 7 hanchans, the team that gets the highest total score (including Uma) becomes the winner of the tournament.


It will be visible only to the administrator


# Name City Tenhou.net nickname Dan Team
1 Kapger Galina Kapger G. Kapger Galina Perm kovavka 二段 13 сирот Оушена
2 Kim Oleg Kim O. Kim Oleg Perm rusala2 二段 / Master I 13 сирот Оушена
3 Tyurnin Alexey Tyurnin A. Tyurnin Alexey Perm laqiguy 二段 13 сирот Оушена
4 Uskova Natalya Uskova N. Uskova Natalya Perm GPK 六段 13 сирот Оушена
5 Bukharinov Dmitriy Bukharinov D. Bukharinov Dmitriy Perm Vidis F4
6 Titova Elena Titova E. Titova Elena Novosibirsk Helena 初段 F4
7 Nechitailo Margarita Nechitailo M. Nechitailo Margarita Moscow makkoli 1級 F4
8 Nikolaev Leon Nikolaev L. Nikolaev Leon Vsevolozhsk YkaName 初段 F4
9 Borzonogov Vitaly Borzonogov V. Borzonogov Vitaly Arkhangelsk ヴィタリー 二段 / Master II Reversed chun
10 Gurev Nikita Gurev N. Gurev Nikita Arkhangelsk Gnikita 二段 Reversed chun
11 Perfilev Roman Perfilev R. Perfilev Roman Arkhangelsk Loner029 初段 Reversed chun
12 Дружинин Денис Arkhangelsk denTree Reversed chun
13 Tsyvinski Siarhei Tsyvinski S. Tsyvinski Siarhei Grodno Myz4iha 三段 Society
14 Hryharuk Anastasiya Hryharuk A. Hryharuk Anastasiya Grodno verity 二段 Society
15 Bubnovich Oleg Bubnovich O. Bubnovich Oleg Grodno Kubric Society
16 Haruchka Kanstantsin Haruchka K. Haruchka Kanstantsin Grodno SpectraL Society
17 Bizhanova Raziya Bizhanova R. Bizhanova Raziya Grodno Shiro 四段 Suiken
18 Amelevich Maksim Amelevich M. Amelevich Maksim Grodno MAXMAX 二段 Suiken
19 Kim Evgeniy Kim E. Kim Evgeniy Moscow не помню Звездочка
20 Mishakova Lubov Mishakova L. Mishakova Lubov Simferopol YuukoIch 二段 Звёздочка
21 Mishakov Dmitriy Mishakov D. Mishakov Dmitriy Moscow NTshavic 二段 Звёздочка
22 Polyakov Kirill Polyakov K. Polyakov Kirill Kirov KIRILL08 四段 КанЕдиницСоу
23 Varankin Vladimir Varankin V. Varankin Vladimir Kirov Varrra 三段 КанЕдиницСоу
24 Kokorin Denis Kokorin D. Kokorin Denis Kirov Denko КанЕдиницСоу
25 Yudintsev Maksim Yudintsev M. Yudintsev Maksim Kirov Rodipit КанЕдиницСоу
26 Ermolaev Alexey Ermolaev A. Ermolaev Alexey Kirov Алёша 三段 Кировские гуси
27 Ivshin Sergei Ivshin S. Ivshin Sergei Kirov Ipo 二段 Кировские гуси
28 Petrov Aleksandr Petrov A. Petrov Aleksandr Kirov noYaku 五段 Кировские гуси
29 Feofilaktov Konstantin Feofilaktov K. Feofilaktov Konstantin Kirov BBB 四段 Кировские гуси
30 Petrushchenko Sergey Petrushchenko S. Petrushchenko Sergey Moscow ドランク玄人 三段 Отчаянные канорезы
31 Vasiliev Sergey Vasiliev S. Vasiliev Sergey Moscow $_$ Отчаянные канорезы
32 Mandjiev Arslan Mandjiev A. Mandjiev Arslan Moscow アルスラーン 二段 Отчаянные канорезы
33 Nadanyan Vladimir Nadanyan V. Nadanyan Vladimir Moscow RWhiskey 二段 / Adept III Отчаянные канорезы
34 Kulhayeva Varvara Kulhayeva V. Kulhayeva Varvara Minsk Varecnka Пикули
35 Butrys Siarhei Butrys S. Butrys Siarhei Minsk ButrisS Пикули
36 Onishchenko Yulia Onishchenko Y. Onishchenko Yulia Minsk Onix Пикули
37 Budkovskiy Sergey Budkovskiy S. Budkovskiy Sergey Simferopol KiR Пинфу с корицей
38 Myshkin Nikita Myshkin N. Myshkin Nikita Kirov Bagatur 三段 / Expert I Понабрали по объявлению
39 Velikoredchanina Elena Velikoredchanina E. Velikoredchanina Elena Kirov ponchik 二段 Понабрали по объявлению
40 Semakov Stanislav Semakov S. Semakov Stanislav Kirov Jamola 二段 Понабрали по объявлению
41 Kosolapov Nikita Kosolapov N. Kosolapov Nikita Kirov Regfan 三段 Понабрали по обьявлению
42 Kim Valeriya Kim V. Kim Valeriya Novosibirsk Replay 六段 Сибирская язва
43 Matveeva Alyona Matveeva A. Matveeva Alyona Barnaul Sayaka-s 四段 Сибирская язва
44 Falko Irina Falko I. Falko Irina Novosibirsk flashka 三段 Сибирская язва
45 Sanzharov Roman Sanzharov R. Sanzharov Roman Barnaul -ラバック- 二段 / Expert II Сибирская язва
46 Zykova Sofya Zykova S. Zykova Sofya Irkutsk ソフィア 初段 / Expert II Трое
47 Vovnenko Grigoriy Vovnenko G. Vovnenko Grigoriy Kazan kegami97 Expert I Трое
48 Karpov Alexandr Karpov A. Karpov Alexandr Novosibirsk th_ 五段 Трое
49 Lemyakina Darya Lemyakina D. Lemyakina Darya Perm wangxian Novice III Трое
50 Churov Petr Churov P. Churov Petr Rostov-on-Don adex 二段 Четкий Байман
51 Алейнова Ирина Ростов-на-Дону Irinka94 Четкий Байман
52 Алейнов Вячеслав Ростов-на-Дону DarkMark Четкий Байман
53 Lavnikevich Sergey Lavnikevich S. Lavnikevich Sergey Rostov-on-Don Greyson 三段 Четкий Байман