The wind of luck


# Name Date City Type Players Sessions
1 Open tournament in the … 2020-01-04 Sarov OTHER 8 8

Players (19)

# Name Dan
1 Ermolaev Andrei Ermolaev A. Ermolaev Andrei 六段
2 Yazev Alexey Yazev A. Yazev Alexey 四段
3 Karpov Pavel Karpov P. Karpov Pavel 三段
4 Makarets Sergei Makarets S. Makarets Sergei 三段
5 Abrashkin Oleg Abrashkin O. Abrashkin Oleg
6 Balyabin Maksim Balyabin M. Balyabin Maksim
7 Butenko Evgeny Butenko E. Butenko Evgeny
8 Dobrykh Maksim Dobrykh M. Dobrykh Maksim
9 Golovin Sergei Golovin S. Golovin Sergei
10 Goryacheva Elena Goryacheva E. Goryacheva Elena
11 Lebedeva Elena Lebedeva E. Lebedeva Elena
12 Lopashov Pavel Lopashov P. Lopashov Pavel
13 Makhov Kirill Makhov K. Makhov Kirill
14 Sladkov Georgiy Sladkov G. Sladkov Georgiy
15 Tkachenko Ivan Tkachenko I. Tkachenko Ivan
16 Tkachenko Maria Tkachenko M. Tkachenko Maria
17 Troshin Mikhail Troshin M. Troshin Mikhail
18 Zverkov Yuriy Zverkov Y. Zverkov Yuriy
19 Zverkova Aleksandra Zverkova A. Zverkova Aleksandra