Shimmer League

Held June 16, 2024, all results

Moscow, Russia



Good day!
A long-term online tournament-league with a fee for amateur/experienced riichi mahjong players is announced.

The game will be played in the format of matches (consecutive games with one team) and subsequent elimination of players (reducing the number of participants in accordance with the current stage of the tournament).

Expected number of participants: 20-40 participants. If there are not 20 participants by 02/15/2024, the League will be considered invalid and the fees will be returned to the participants.

Expected event length: depends on the number of participants. Players will be provided with complete information about the number of sessions and their duration before the start of the very first game.

Current idea - consider a tournament for 28 participants. Then it will be permissible to carry out the following stages:
1) 1st round of 3 matches of 6 games. Of the 28 participants, 16 players will remain.
2) 2nd round of 2 matches of 6 games. Of the 16 participants, 8 players will remain.
3) Semi-final of 2 matches of 6 games. Of the 8 participants, 4 finalists will remain.
4) Final of 2 matches of 6 games.
This example is for informational purposes only, so that each participant understands what awaits him. The estimated total distance for the finalists will reach ~50 hanchan from the start of the League.

At the end of each individual match, players receive the points they have earned, including umata. The result of the match played (determining the winner based on final points, taking into account bonuses) is of primary importance. After the match, a differentiated bonus may be applied to some players, depending on the contribution (described below).
Total priority results that are important:
1) Final place taken in the match (counting after the bonus).
2)Points received in matches played at a specific stage.
3) Points received in matches played in the previous stage.

This league will use differentiated fees. The meaning is the following - experienced players pay less for participation, and less experienced players receive bonuses in points, which go towards the result of the match. And so, here is the cost of the contribution depending on the level:
1) Former/current 7+ dan. Participation is 1000 rubles. No bonus.
2) Average/stable 6th dan, Saint 2+. Participation is 1500 rubles. Bonus 5000 points.
3) Stable 5th dan, Master 3+. Participation is 2000 rubles. Bonus 12500 points.
4) Middle 4th dan, Master 1-2. Participation is 2500 rubles. Bonus 20,000 points.
5) Players below 4th dan or Master-1. Participation is 3000 rubles. Bonus 30,000 points.
A request to transfer contributions will be sent to participants from February 10th, when the overall picture of the number of participants will be clear.

Bonus points are awarded until the finals - the finals will be a battle without bonuses.

The entire prize fund will go to the winners. 4-5 prizes are expected depending on the number of participants.

Game schedule:
An online conference will be created in telegram. It would be highly appreciated if players could negotiate and play games on their own. If the organizer records that the players are not playing, they are asked to play in the near future/weekend. The main gaming day is Sunday, starting at 18:00 Moscow time, but it is highly encouraged that players can agree and play at any time convenient for them.
If the games do not take place for a long period of time (say, more than 2 weeks), the organizer has the right to apply sanctions/substitute a player. In the case of a replacement player, the player receives a fixed penalty of 30,000 points for each unplayed game of the match.

Basic principles of the event:
This event is created so that everyone can play with experienced opponents, get emotions from the battle and finally enjoy mahjong.

I almost forgot. The organizer adds 20,000 rubles to the event prize fund (participation fee and donation to the tournament fund).

Your judge, organizer and experienced player is Viktor Grishin.
It's time to twinkle!


# Name City nickname Dan
1 Khromov Kirill Khromov K. Khromov Kirill Saint Petersburg doctor 六段
2 Egorov Ilya Egorov I. Egorov Ilya Moscow POROSYA 三段 / Expert III
3 Mandjiev Arslan Mandjiev A. Mandjiev Arslan Moscow Moonkie 五段
4 Polyakov Kirill Polyakov K. Polyakov Kirill Kirov Пёс002 五段 / Novice II
5 Yumetsuki Annifrid Yumetsuki A. Yumetsuki Annifrid Moscow 夢付き 六段 / Saint II
6 Ryabov Aleksandr Ryabov A. Ryabov Aleksandr Moscow Grinsky 四段 / Master I
7 Ermolaev Andrei Ermolaev A. Ermolaev Andrei Sarov ~~/#\^-^ 五段 / Master II
8 Oparin Konstantin Oparin K. Oparin Konstantin Moscow OpKos 五段 / Expert II
9 Zadiran Anatolii Zadiran A. Zadiran Anatolii Moscow ダメ人間 六段
10 Karamyshev Artem Bremen チャアイル
11 Kiseleva Ekaterina Kiseleva E. Kiseleva Ekaterina Kirov Sputnik 二段 / Adept II
12 Sotnikova Anna Sotnikova A. Sotnikova Anna Kirov Lorena 二段 / Expert I
13 Dergunov Aleksey Dergunov A. Dergunov Aleksey Moscow потом напишу, они сгорели Master II
14 Grishin Viktor Grishin V. Grishin Viktor Vidnoye 0.120 六段
15 Vovnenko Grigoriy Vovnenko G. Vovnenko Grigoriy Kazan Апельсин Expert II
16 Solyakov Pavel Solyakov P. Solyakov Pavel Perm Nuborez 5級
17 Churov Petr Churov P. Churov Petr Rostov-on-Don pc01001
18 Ermolaev Alexey Ermolaev A. Ermolaev Alexey Kirov Алёша 六段 / Expert III
19 Sapozhnikov Aleksandr Sapozhnikov A. Sapozhnikov Aleksandr Kirov OnEyeOwl 三段 / Master II
20 Grishina Olga Grishina O. Grishina Olga Moscow Gvendola 二段
21 Novikov Anton Novikov A. Novikov Anton Saint Petersburg AirEmp 五段 / Saint III
22 Petsilyak Igor Petsilyak I. Petsilyak Igor Moscow igor
23 Patrikeev Pavel Patrikeev P. Patrikeev Pavel Moscow Mushroom 五段 / Expert III
24 Kanafeev Rustam Kanafeev R. Kanafeev Rustam Samara DeadHand
25 Ratnikova Anna Ratnikova A. Ratnikova Anna Samara Петрович Master I
26 Aleshin Sergey Aleshin S. Aleshin Sergey Moscow Ezaki 七段
27 Goryacheva Elena Goryacheva E. Goryacheva Elena Saint Petersburg Ren-chan 三段
28 Denisov Evgeniy Denisov E. Denisov Evgeniy Saint Petersburg el71Gato 五段 / Master I
29 Medvedev Sergei Medvedev S. Medvedev Sergei Moscow nightsky
30 Zaviyalov Anton Zaviyalov A. Zaviyalov Anton Kirov Purdey Adept II
31 Tkachenko Ivan Tkachenko I. Tkachenko Ivan Sarov Booblick
32 Korobeynikov Vladimir Korobeynikov V. Korobeynikov Vladimir Moscow sccfl 五段
33 Федоров Алексей Korolyov None
34 Gudin Andrey Gudin A. Gudin Andrey Moscow undrwrld 五段 / Master II
35 Tumanin Andrei Tumanin A. Tumanin Andrei Samara qweqwe12
36 Yakutovich Alexey Yakutovich A. Yakutovich Alexey Moscow XoxxFap