Double Tournament with Naga

Will be held July 2, 2023

Registered players 46




Welcome to the first double tournament with NAGA: a competition where you can win by showing you skill in the game regardless of your points.

This is a one-day online tournament of 7 hanchans. There will be two scoring tables: one with game points + uma and another with the game quality scores from the NAGA bot that can automatically analyze the games and give an overall impression score for each of them.

The first four places in each table will get prizes from sponsors:
- 1st place - 5000 rubles;
- 2nd place - 3000 rubles;
- 3rd place - 2000 rubles;
- 4th place - 1000 rubles;
Please note that there can be troubles sending the money from Russia to other countries.

Registration will last until 21:00 June 30. Participation is free; everyone who is familiar with riichi mahjong at a basic level is welcome. If one of the tables is not completed by the end of registration, free slots at it can be taken until 9:00 on the day of the tournament.

Detailed rules (in Russian):
Chat of the tournament:
**Please join the chat after registration**

Event organizer:
Sergey Mizin (Юмецуки 1)
@Yumetsuki11 (tg)


It will be visible only to the administrator


# Name City nickname Dan
1 Churov Petr Churov P. Churov Petr Rostov-on-Don PEC
2 Gudin Andrey Gudin A. Gudin Andrey Moscow undrwrld 五段 / Master II
3 Melkov Dmitrii Melkov D. Melkov Dmitrii Samara Flow 2級 / Adept III
4 Martynov Ivan Martynov I. Martynov Ivan Moscow TSLG
5 Patrikeev Pavel Patrikeev P. Patrikeev Pavel Moscow Mushroom 五段 / Expert III
6 Oparin Konstantin Oparin K. Oparin Konstantin Moscow OpKos 初段 / Expert II
7 Shabardina Svetlana Shabardina S. Shabardina Svetlana Kirov Swe
8 Grigorev Mikhail Grigorev M. Grigorev Mikhail Moscow CNS3CTR 二段
9 Borzonogov Vitaly Borzonogov V. Borzonogov Vitaly Arkhangelsk ヴィタリー 三段 / Expert III
10 Biryukov-Romanov Danil Biryukov-Romanov D. Biryukov-Romanov Danil Yanino-1 urt0w 四段 / Master II
11 Lisikhin Alexey Lisikhin A. Lisikhin Alexey Irkutsk зачем?
12 Lisikhina Liudmila Lisikhina L. Lisikhina Liudmila Irkutsk Pusheen 三段
13 Karamyshev Artem Karamyshev A. Karamyshev Artem Angarsk Podpivas
14 Ermolaev Andrei Ermolaev A. Ermolaev Andrei Sarov ~~/#\^-^ 五段 / Master II
15 Be Aleksandr Be A. Be Aleksandr Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk BYS 二段 / Adept I
16 Aleinova Irina Aleinova I. Aleinova Irina Rostov-on-Don Irinka94 三段
17 Kim Valeriya Kim V. Kim Valeriya Novosibirsk Replay 五段
18 Селифонова Александра Королев ilinsar
19 Sanzharov Roman Sanzharov R. Sanzharov Roman Barnaul Roman-S- Master I
20 Kim Evgeniy Kim E. Kim Evgeniy Moscow ZUTs
21 Mishakova Lubov Mishakova L. Mishakova Lubov Moscow Yuukolch 三段
22 Карякин Александр Saint Petersburg whoiichi
23 Гладченко Алиса Yekaterinburg AliceGl
24 Goryacheva Elena Goryacheva E. Goryacheva Elena Saint Petersburg Ren-chan
25 Ermolaev Alexey Ermolaev A. Ermolaev Alexey Kirov Алёша 五段 / Expert III
26 Гаврильцо Рустам Moscow Shelardi
27 Чижык Пыжык Генсоке APASIN
28 Ignateva Polina Ignateva P. Ignateva Polina Moscow Lissets 二段
29 Elshankin Andrey Elshankin A. Elshankin Andrey Ivanovo H2O Expert I
30 Matveeva Alyona Matveeva A. Matveeva Alyona Barnaul Sayaka-s
31 Grishin Viktor Grishin V. Grishin Viktor Vidnoye 0.120
32 Ryabov Aleksandr Ryabov A. Ryabov Aleksandr Moscow grinsky 四段 / Master I
33 Shvedov Evgenii Shvedov E. Shvedov Evgenii Novorossiysk シュレーディンガ 二段 / Master I
34 Suslova Anastasiya Suslova A. Suslova Anastasiya Novosibirsk aaeru_m
35 Жуйков Дмитрий Стамбул dumaj26
36 Kuznetsova Kseniya Kuznetsova K. Kuznetsova Kseniya Perm cosmeowt
37 Shashkin Yurii Shashkin Y. Shashkin Yurii Nizhny Novgorod ?!
38 Myshkin Nikita Myshkin N. Myshkin Nikita Kirov Bagatur 二段 / Expert I
39 Vakhonin Stepan Vakhonin S. Vakhonin Stepan Saint Petersburg FrozenM 三段
40 Polyakov Kirill Polyakov K. Polyakov Kirill Kirov Пёс002 六段
41 Antonov Evgeny Antonov E. Antonov Evgeny Moscow スク水は正義 四段 / Master III
42 Pinigin Igor Pinigin I. Pinigin Igor Khanty-Mansiysk Garikll 三段
43 Knyazeva Anna Knyazeva A. Knyazeva Anna Moscow Bittern
44 Titova Elena Titova E. Titova Elena Novosibirsk Helena 二段
45 Aleshin Sergey Aleshin S. Aleshin Sergey Moscow Ezaki 六段
46 Solyakov Pavel Solyakov P. Solyakov Pavel Perm Nuborez 四段