I wish to have dora san...

Will be held Aug. 15, 2021

Registered players 4


Rinshan Kaihou



Games start at 7:30 AM UTC (10:30 AM Moscow Time).

On the tournament date from 5:20 AM UTC to 7:20 AM UTC all the players should join Discord channel https://discord.gg/3e2z8Z2 and confirm that they are going to participate. Only confirmed players will be able to play in the tournament.

The tournament consists of 7 hanchans, the player who gets the highest total score (including Uma) becomes the winner of the tournament.

Tournament rules will be close to JPML-A (as far as tenhou.net allows).

The main rules are from our regular online tournaments with these changes:
- aka-dora, ura-dora, kan-dora, kan-ura-dora - removed;
- ippatsu - removed;
- atamahane with a double ron - there is; triple ron - retake;
- nagashi mangan - removed;

JPML A's uma depends on how many players are "positive" (>=30k) or "negative" (<30k):
1 player positive: +12/-1/-3/-8
2 players positive: +8/+4/-4/-8
3 players positive: +8/+3/+1/-12

All other tournament rules you can find there: https://mahjong.click/en/online/


It will be visible only to the administrator


# Name City Tenhou.net nickname Dan
1 Borzonogov Vitaly Borzonogov V. Borzonogov Vitaly Arkhangelsk ヴィタリー 三段 / Master I
2 Churov Petr Churov P. Churov Petr Rostov-on-Don PEC 四段
3 Elshankin Andrey Elshankin A. Elshankin Andrey Ivanovo クルゼンシテルン Adept III
4 Oselkov Dmitriy Oselkov D. Oselkov Dmitriy Ivanovo mrburgh 3級