Autumn Online Tournament

Will be held Sept. 11, 2022

Registered players 5


Rinshan Kaihou



Games start at 7:30 AM UTC (10:30 AM Moscow Time).

On the tournament date from 6:30 AM UTC to 7:20 AM UTC all the players should join Discord channel and confirm that they are going to participate. Only confirmed players will be able to play in the tournament.

The tournament consists of 7 hanchans, the player who gets the highest total score (including Uma) becomes the winner of the tournament.

There is no participation fee, the tournament is free for everyone.

Tournament rules you can find there:


It will be visible only to the administrator


# Name City nickname Dan
1 Solyakov Pavel Solyakov P. Solyakov Pavel Perm Nuborez 四段
2 Borzonogov Vitaly Borzonogov V. Borzonogov Vitaly Arkhangelsk ヴィタリー 三段 / Expert III
3 Martynov Ivan Martynov I. Martynov Ivan Moscow TSLG
4 Kaplan Andrey Kaplan A. Kaplan Andrey Perm fuffle 三段
5 Воронова Алена Moscow Lenny