5G Tournament

Will be held Oct. 17, 2021

Registered players 3


Rinshan Kaihou



The main difference from our usual online-tournament rules (https://mahjong.click/en/online/):
- we are playing 14 tonpusens
- timer 3s + 5s
- there are no oya renchan (so, each game is 4 rounds)
- we are playing with chips for aka dora, ura dora, ippatsu and yakuman
- after the game each chip is adding (or subtracting) 5000 scores to the total results

Games start at 7:30 AM UTC (10:30 AM Moscow Time).

On the tournament date from 5:20 AM UTC to 7:20 AM UTC all the players should join Discord channel https://discord.gg/3e2z8Z2 and confirm that they are going to participate. Only confirmed players will be able to play in the tournament.


It will be visible only to the administrator


# Name City Tenhou.net nickname Dan
1 Churov Petr Churov P. Churov Petr Rostov-on-Don PEC 四段
2 Petrushchenko Sergey Petrushchenko S. Petrushchenko Sergey Moscow ドランク玄人 三段 / Expert III
3 Shvedov Evgenii Shvedov E. Shvedov Evgenii Novorossiysk シュレーディンガ 二段 / Master I