Autumn Agari tournament

Held Nov. 26, 2023, all results

Moscow, Russia




Anticafe "White leaf". Serpukhovskaya/Dobryninskaya metro station.
Valovaya st., 32/75, building 2, Moscow, 115054

The fee is 1700 rubles.

Maximum number of participants 40
Number of hanchans 10
EMA rules with Uma academics - 30/10
The Pantheon will be used to count game points. Players are recommended to have a smartphone with a functioning Internet connection.
There are no mulligans on 4 identical winds, on 9 terminals and advantages, on 4 riichi, on 4 channels.
Starting points are 30,000. The orasu dealer continues the game if he wins or draws, even if he has a lead in points. Hanchan ends with a win for the non-dealer or a note for the dealer in the event of a draw. Riichi sticks in the event of a draw in the orasu go to the leader on points. The Western round is not played.
From a minus on points you can throw riichi.
Displacement of chi is prohibited.
Open tanyao is allowed.
There is no Kazoe Yakuman, there is Renho (but there is a mangan), there is no nagashi mangan.
Atamakhane is not. In the event of a double/triple Ron, payouts are made to each of the winning players. Riichi sticks, if available, are returned to the winning players; excess riichi sticks are transferred to the atamahan.
The door indicator after an open channel opens immediately, before the player removes the tile to the discard after taking the replacement tile.
Hanchan lasts 75 minutes plus one or two hands depending on the remaining time.
The refereeing will be done by the playing referee for the tournament.

Tournament schedule

Day 1

10:00 Registration of participants
10:30 First hanchan
12:00 Small break 15 minutes
12:15 Second hanchan
13:45 Long break 1 hour
14:45 Third Khanchan
16:15 Short break 15 minutes
16:30 Fourth Khanchan
18:00 Small break 15 minutes
18:15 Fifth Khanchan
19:45 End of the first day

Day 2

10:00 Sixth Khanchan
11:30 Short break 15 minutes
11:45 Seventh Khanchan
13:15 Long break 1 hour
14:15 Eighth Khanchan
15:45 Short break 15 minutes
16:00 Ninth Khanchan
17:30 Small break 15 minutes
17:45 Tenth Khanchan
19:15 Summing up the results and awarding the winners
20:00 End of the tournament

Transfer money for the tournament to Tinkof at 89773264113. You can specify "tournament" in the comment.
The payment must be identifiable, so if you send it from “Pupkin Vasya”, add the participant’s last name and first name in the comments.
The first 40 people who pay are included in the lineup.
If the quota is fully selected, then the funds will be returned to those who have already transferred money but were not included in the list of players.


# Name City Dan
1 Aleksandrov Denis Aleksandrov D. Aleksandrov Denis Moscow 二段
2 Lavreniuk Irina Lavreniuk I. Lavreniuk Irina Moscow
3 Igumensheva Elena Igumensheva E. Igumensheva Elena Moscow 二段
4 Danilov Aleksandr Danilov A. Danilov Aleksandr Moscow 二段 / Expert III
5 KLIMOV Andrey KLIMOV A. KLIMOV Andrey Moscow
6 Egorov Ilya Egorov I. Egorov Ilya Moscow 三段 / Master I
7 Rozhkova Anastasiya Rozhkova A. Rozhkova Anastasiya Moscow Expert II
8 Petrushchenko Sergey Petrushchenko S. Petrushchenko Sergey Moscow Expert III
9 Dergunov Aleksey Dergunov A. Dergunov Aleksey Moscow Master II
10 Oparin Konstantin Oparin K. Oparin Konstantin Moscow 四段 / Expert II
11 Grishin Viktor Grishin V. Grishin Viktor Vidnoye 六段
12 Danchenkov Vladimir Danchenkov V. Danchenkov Vladimir Samara
13 Perov Nikita Perov N. Perov Nikita Moscow
14 Ryabov Aleksandr Ryabov A. Ryabov Aleksandr Moscow 五段 / Master I
15 Smirnov Igor Smirnov I. Smirnov Igor Moscow
16 Petsilyak Igor Petsilyak I. Petsilyak Igor Moscow
17 Vasiliev Sergey Vasiliev S. Vasiliev Sergey Moscow
18 Antonov Evgeny Antonov E. Antonov Evgeny Moscow 二段 / Saint I
19 Alekseeva Olga Alekseeva O. Alekseeva Olga Moscow 五段 / Expert III
20 Proskuriakova Olga Proskuriakova O. Proskuriakova Olga Moscow Master II
21 Sorokin Pavel Sorokin P. Sorokin Pavel Saint Petersburg Expert III
22 Gabdullina Dinara Gabdullina D. Gabdullina Dinara Saint Petersburg
23 Aleshin Sergey Aleshin S. Aleshin Sergey Moscow 七段
24 Ignateva Polina Ignateva P. Ignateva Polina Moscow 三段 / Expert III
25 Лавренов Василий Moscow
26 Petsilyak Denis Petsilyak D. Petsilyak Denis Moscow
27 Гаврильцо Рустам Moscow
28 Ignatev Evgeniy Ignatev E. Ignatev Evgeniy Moscow
29 Suslova Anastasiya Suslova A. Suslova Anastasiya Novosibirsk
30 Voil Anna Voil A. Voil Anna Moscow
31 Голубева Алексия Moscow
32 Канафеев Рустам Samara
33 Verik Elena Verik E. Verik Elena Moscow
34 Zhuravlev Andrei Zhuravlev A. Zhuravlev Andrei Saint Petersburg
35 Knyazeva Anna Knyazeva A. Knyazeva Anna Moscow 3級 / Expert II
36 Gudin Andrey Gudin A. Gudin Andrey Moscow 五段 / Master II
37 Bogatikov Aleksander Bogatikov A. Bogatikov Aleksander Moscow
38 Patrikeev Pavel Patrikeev P. Patrikeev Pavel Moscow 五段 / Expert III
39 Shustrova Kseniya Shustrova K. Shustrova Kseniya Moscow
40 Куменко Александр Moscow