The last chance: back to 2019

Held Jan. 26, 2020, all results

Moscow, Russia



# Name City Dan
1 Petrushchenko Sergey Petrushchenko S. Petrushchenko Sergey Moscow 四段
2 Monakov Ilya Monakov I. Monakov Ilya Moscow 五段 / Master II
3 Rozhkova Anastasiya Rozhkova A. Rozhkova Anastasiya Moscow 二段
4 Antonov Evgeny Antonov E. Antonov Evgeny Moscow 四段
5 Plyasunov Vladislav Plyasunov V. Plyasunov Vladislav Moscow 五段
6 Khromov Kirill Khromov K. Khromov Kirill Saint Petersburg 三段
7 Loginova Yulia Loginova Y. Loginova Yulia Saint Petersburg 二段
8 Patrikeev Pavel Patrikeev P. Patrikeev Pavel Moscow 四段 / Master I
9 Elshankin Andrey Elshankin A. Elshankin Andrey Ivanovo Expert I
10 Leontiev Alexey Leontiev A. Leontiev Alexey Moscow 九段
11 Mandjiev Arslan Mandjiev A. Mandjiev Arslan Moscow 三段
12 Grishina Olga Grishina O. Grishina Olga Moscow 二段
13 Vyshivannaya Oxana Vyshivannaya O. Vyshivannaya Oxana Moscow 二段
14 Sirotkin Dmitry Sirotkin D. Sirotkin Dmitry Moscow 五段
15 Pavlov Georgy Pavlov G. Pavlov Georgy Moscow 5級
16 Generalov Savva Generalov S. Generalov Savva Moscow
17 Kotlov Nikita Kotlov N. Kotlov Nikita Moscow 二段
18 Nikolaev Leon Nikolaev L. Nikolaev Leon Vsevolozhsk 初段
19 Nechitailo Margarita Nechitailo M. Nechitailo Margarita Moscow 三段
20 Korobeynikov Vladimir Korobeynikov V. Korobeynikov Vladimir Moscow 五段
21 Proskuriakova Olga Proskuriakova O. Proskuriakova Olga Moscow 五段 / Master I
22 Podlipaev Sergey Podlipaev S. Podlipaev Sergey Moscow 三段
23 Mishakov Dmitriy Mishakov D. Mishakov Dmitriy Moscow 二段
24 Uskova Natalya Uskova N. Uskova Natalya Perm 五段
25 Kartashiov Pavel Kartashiov P. Kartashiov Pavel Korolyov
26 Kozlovskaya Yana Kozlovskaya Y. Kozlovskaya Yana Perm 二段
27 Kiselev Maxim Kiselev M. Kiselev Maxim Novosibirsk
28 Igumensheva Elena Igumensheva E. Igumensheva Elena Moscow 二段
29 Podmogilniy Stepan Podmogilniy S. Podmogilniy Stepan Odintsovo 初段
30 Chichigina Natalya Chichigina N. Chichigina Natalya Odintsovo 4級
31 Chichigin Andrey Chichigin A. Chichigin Andrey Odintsovo 三段
32 Shustrova Kseniya Shustrova K. Shustrova Kseniya Moscow 三段