Moscow Open Riichi Marathon

Held July 15, 2018, all results

Moscow, Russia



Welcome to the second Moscow Open Riichi Marathon!

Tournament will take place on 14-15th of July 2018 in Moscow

Number of sessions: 13

Entry fee: 30 € (breakfast included)


Venue address: Bolshoy Kharitonievsky pereulok, 10/1, Moscow, 101000

Tournament schedule:

July 14th, Saturday:

11.00-11.50 – player registration

11.50-13.20 – 1st hanchan
13.25-14.55 – 2nd hanchan

14.55-16.05 – lunch break

16.05-17.35 – 3rd hanchan
17.40-19.10 – 4th hanchan
19.15-20.45 – 5th hanchan

20.45-21.55 – dinner break

21.55-23.25 – 6th hanchan
23.30-01.00 – 7th hanchan

July 15th, Sunday:

01.00-01.40 – tea break

01.40-03.10 – 8th hanchan
03.15-04.45 – 9th hanchan
04.50-06.20 – 10th hanchan

06.20-07.00 – breakfast break

07.00-08.30 – 11th hanchan
08.35-10.05 – 12th hanchan
10.10-11.40 – 13th hanchan

11.40-12.00 – result calculation and prize awarding

You can find the results of previous MORM here:


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It will be visible only to the administrator


# Name City Dan
1 Pavlov Georgy Pavlov G. Pavlov Georgy Moscow 初段
2 Sirotkin Dmitry Sirotkin D. Sirotkin Dmitry Moscow 三段
3 Шкуринский Ян Димитровград
4 Petrushchenko Sergey Petrushchenko S. Petrushchenko Sergey Moscow 二段
5 Substitution player Proskuriakova O. Substitution player Moscow
6 Leontiev Alexey Leontiev A. Leontiev Alexey Moscow 八段
7 Mishakov Dmitriy Mishakov D. Mishakov Dmitriy Moscow 三段
8 Mishakova Lubov Mishakova L. Mishakova Lubov Simferopol 二段
9 Shalimova Elena Shalimova E. Shalimova Elena Perm 二段
10 Volodin Dmitriy Volodin D. Volodin Dmitriy Moscow 四段
11 Gaynulina Liudmila Gaynulina L. Gaynulina Liudmila Moscow
12 Goryacheva Elena Goryacheva E. Goryacheva Elena Sarov 四段
13 Bogachev Pavel Bogachev P. Bogachev Pavel Moscow 五段
14 Bukharinov Dmitriy Bukharinov D. Bukharinov Dmitriy Perm
15 Veselov Maxim Veselov M. Veselov Maxim Ivanovo 二段
16 Mandjiev Arslan Mandjiev A. Mandjiev Arslan Moscow 三段
17 Zhevlenev Egor Zhevlenev E. Zhevlenev Egor Moscow 二段
18 Grishin Viktor Grishin V. Grishin Viktor Vidnoye 二段
19 Tkachenko Nikita Tkachenko N. Tkachenko Nikita Moscow 五段
20 Kvasha Ilya Kvasha I. Kvasha Ilya Moscow
21 Barabanov Aleksander Barabanov A. Barabanov Aleksander Krasnogorsk 四段
22 Perov Nikita Perov N. Perov Nikita Moscow
23 Aspidova Anastasiya Aspidova A. Aspidova Anastasiya Moscow
24 Kolyadin Mihail Kolyadin M. Kolyadin Mihail Moscow 3級
25 Li Dmitriy Li D. Li Dmitriy Saint Petersburg
26 Kozlovskaya Yana Kozlovskaya Y. Kozlovskaya Yana Perm 二段
27 Usmanov Ramil Usmanov R. Usmanov Ramil Moscow 三段
28 Plyasunov Vladislav Plyasunov V. Plyasunov Vladislav Moscow 五段