NightJongers TAG Tournament

Held June 13, 2021, all results




┃Jong all night long┃
NightJongers TAG Tournament is a team tournament in which there are 2 people in a team instead of the usual 4. This format offers you the opportunity to stand back to back with the one to whom you trust your earned points, and he/she his/hers to you. And no, this is not paired mahjong, two team members at the same table are not accepted. TAG Tournament is a tournament in which it will be possible to make (but not necessarily) an “swap” between players through each hanchan. That is, each player of the team will have his own grid of games, in which it will be shown who he will play against. And on the basis of this command, he can decide to make an "swap". But in the end, all players will still play 10 hanchans (taking into account the passage on the second day). The question is with whom which team member will fight. Each team will decide for itself on this question. This feature makes a regular TAG team tournament a tournament.


Mahjong Soul

With 16 teams, the prizes will be as follows:
I. Winner team gets 110$ = 55$ for each;
II. Secret prize;
III. Free participation in Hokuto Tournament 3: Star Eater.

┃Terms of participation┃
I. You will need to "riichi" 4$ on PayPal. Contacts below (I'll tell you my PayPal)
(write to the first organizer on the list about this);
II. Have at least 1 dan / Adept II.

┃Number of hanchans, elimination and order of the tournament┃
I. The number of hanchans will be 10: 5 hanchans on the first day before the dropout and 5 on the second day after it. The seating will be fixed for each day.
II. The tournament will run for two days in a row: on Saturday and Sunday.
III. On the second day of the tournament, half of the participants in the tournament get into. For example, if 16 teams (32 people) will play on the first day, then 8 teams (16 people) will get into the second. The elimination will be made by the number of points the team has.
IV. The stage of confirming participation in the tournament (which you are here and ready to play) will begin in a special Discord chat ( an hour before the start of the games themselves - at 1 AM UTC-6, and the games themselves at 2 AM UTC-6.
V. If only 1 player from the team has confirmed participation, then the team is removed from the tournament, and the fee is returned to the one who was confirmed.

┃Mahjong Soul Tournament Lobby┃
On the days of the tournament, you will need to be in it and press the "Prepare for the match" button before the start of each hanchan.
You can see all details regarding rules of the tournament in the tournament lobby.

Registration and refunds will be terminated the day before the tournament. In other words, registrations with contributions are accepted until 23:59 on June 10 Moscow time.

┃Reverse oka and uma┃
In the tournament, there will be a reverse oka 5, and the uma will be the standard 30-10. That is, the total is 35/15 / -5 / -45 for places, taking into account a reverse oka and uma.

We will be glad to sponsors at our tournament who are ready to increase the prize fund by the team of winners.

┃Tournament Chat┃
There you can find yourself a team mate / mate if needed. And also to JONG.

Chizh Vladislav 可愛い_Agro#0283
Vovnenko Grigory イリーズ#3271


# Name City Majsoul nickname Dan Team
1 Ermolaev Alexey Ermolaev A. Ermolaev Alexey Kirov PohuyRiichi 五段 / Expert III 57
2 Mizin Sergey Mizin S. Mizin Sergey Moscow 夢月 七段 / Master III 57
3 Shvedov Evgenii Shvedov E. Shvedov Evgenii Novorossiysk Schrodinger 二段 / Master I Double Trouble
4 Khrustalev Arseniy Khrustalev A. Khrustalev Arseniy Novorossiysk Pilatus 新人 / Expert III Double Trouble
5 Ow Zhong Ming Singapore ESP6thSense Extrasensory Perception
6 Tan Qi Xian Singapore esp6s Extrasensory Perception
7 Grishina Olga Grishina O. Grishina Olga Moscow Gvendola 初段 Fifth Kan
8 Тясин Артём Рига Close2real Fifth Kan
9 Uryvaeva Karina Uryvaeva K. Uryvaeva Karina Krasnoyarsk Konami_ 初段 / Adept I OwO Паровозик с Вагоном OwO
10 Тот Самый Паровозик Генсоке (OwO) OwO Паровозик с Вагоном OwO
11 Patrikeev Pavel Patrikeev P. Patrikeev Pavel Moscow Patrik 五段 / Master I PaNiko Pair
12 Shikata Atsushi Shikata A. Shikata Atsushi Otsu bokunoniko Saint I PaNiko Pair
13 Borzonogov Vitaly Borzonogov V. Borzonogov Vitaly Arkhangelsk pIcnIc 三段 / Master I Reversed chun
14 Gurev Nikita Gurev N. Gurev Nikita Arkhangelsk Chrno041 二段 Reversed chun
15 Елин Дмитрий Voronezh 2DTengu Tanyao Investors
16 Денисов Борис Ufa NepCom Tanyao Investors
17 Ladygin Vladimir Ladygin V. Ladygin Vladimir Moscow VavaGrey Master I Thompson Brothers
18 Ermolaev Andrei Ermolaev A. Ermolaev Andrei Sarov Probe 五段 Thompson Brothers
19 Novikov Anton Novikov A. Novikov Anton Saint Petersburg AirEmp 五段 / Saint III Мелькание дождя
20 Grishin Viktor Grishin V. Grishin Viktor Vidnoye Bismarck 五段 Мелькание дождя
21 Даровских Анастасия Kirov Tenko136 Мяу таняо
22 Kiseleva Ekaterina Kiseleva E. Kiseleva Ekaterina Kirov Sputnik Мяу таняо
23 Bakhtin Aleksey Bakhtin A. Bakhtin Aleksey Khanty-Mansiysk Hanomir ПОНяши
24 Vovnenko Grigoriy Vovnenko G. Vovnenko Grigoriy Kazan イリーズ 1級 / Expert I ПОНяши